Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Hunger Games Recap: Chapters 7 - 9

Chapter 7
Katniss and Peeta start training and decide to train together. In public they are instructed to be always together. There are tributes from districts 1, 2, and 4 called "Career Tributes" because they are trained their whole life to be tributes in the Games. The tributes all train for 3 days, then show the Gamemakers what they can do for a score. Katniss is the last to go, and most of the Gamemakers are more interested in the roasted pig on their table than in Katniss. So, Katniss takes her bow and arrow and shoots toward the Gamemakers into the apple in the pig's mouth. Go Katniss!

Chapter 8
The scores are given from the Gamemakers. Peeta gets an 8, Katniss get an 11. Katniss misses Gale. The next morning, Haymitch tells Katniss that Peeta has asked to be coached separately.

Chapter 9
Effie teaches Katniss how to hold herself in public, walk in heels, etc. Haymitch tries to find a personality angle for Katniss to work in her interview, but fails. He calls Katniss a dead slug. Katniss is angry, so she binge eats fancy food and throws plates around everywhere. The Avox girl comes in and helps Katniss clean up. Katniss apologizes for not helping Avox girl escape. Then, Cinna comes in and makes Katniss pretty for her interview. He dresses her in shiny jewels, and gives her a personality angle to work with. During the interview, Katniss wins over the crowd, and so does Peeta. Then Peeta drops a bombshell in front of all of Panem: He's in love with Katniss.


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