Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Hunger Games Recap: Chapters 13 - 15

Chapter 13
The Gamemakers have started the fire because the games have gotten boring. Katniss starts to run. Then, FREAKING FIREBALLS begin to shoot at her. She does a pretty good job of dodging them, until one gets her in the thigh. She burns her hands trying to put it out. Ouch. She finds another pond and cools her burns until she hears people coming. It's the tributes from before. She climbs a tree to escape them, but they see her. One girl named Glimmer tries to shoot Katniss with the bow and arrow, but misses. They try to climb up after her, but none of them can reach her height. Night falls, and they all sleep, except Katniss. Then she notices that another tribute, Rue, is with her in the treetops.

Chapter 14
Rue points above Katniss' head. It's a tracker jacker nest. These babies are hybrid wasps made by the capitol. Their stings cause hallucinations, and eventually death if you get to many of them. Another thing about them? They track you down. They're a little sluggish from the smoke caused by the fire, so Katniss starts to saw the branch with her knife. It drops to the ground, breaking open around Peeta and the other tributes. They swarm them, and all of them but Glimmer and another girl run away. They can't run away, because they've gotten so many stings that they're dead. Katniss is stung a few times, and starts seeing things, but she knows she needs to get that bow and those arrows. She makes her way down and gets them away from Glimmer's body. Now she's armed and dangerous.

Peeta then appears, telling her to run. She does, then falls to the ground and blacks out.

Chapter 15
Katniss has no idea why Peeta saved her. She ponders that while she kills a rabbit and a bird. Rue finds Katniss, and they form an alliance. They talk, and Katniss shares her food, while Rue tends to Katniss' wasp stings. Katniss and Rue go into a tree to sleep, and Katniss begins to form a plan of attack.


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