Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Hunger Games Recap: Chapters 4 - 6

Chapter 4
In chapter 4, we really get to see how bad life is in District 12. Katniss takes the first shower of her life, then moves on to breakfast. The meal has so many items, and Katniss comments that just the basket of rolls could have fed her family for an entire week. She also says that she's only had an orange once in her life. ONCE. How many of us drink orange juice every morning?
Anyway. Katniss and Peeta show Haymitch that they don't want to die, and will do whatever they can to win. He makes them promise to do whatever he says, starting with obeying their makover teams that they will be facing soon.

Chapter 5
Katniss gets waxed. Well, that's not the only thing that happens, but just imagine never having shaved your legs, or any other part  of your body. Then imagine someone coming up and ripping every follicle out. Ouchie. They also do her nails, scrub her body squeaky clean, and make sure she looks presentable. Her design team is very extravagantly dressed, showing some of the fashion of the Capitol. Flavius has orange hair and purple lipstick, Octavia has green skin, and Venia had aqua hair and golden tattoos above her eyebrows.
Then we meet Cinna. Probably my favorite character in both books. This is his first year as a designer, and he asked for District 12, which has never happened. Why did he ask? I have no idea.
Cinna dresses Katniss and Peeta in flaming costumes that make them the hit of the opening ceremonies. Nobody can take their eyes off of the pair. Katniss is dubbed "The Girl On Fire".

Chapter 6
The tributes go to live in the training center, and each district gets a floor. Katniss' living quarters are bigger than her entire house back home. While eating another extravagant meal, Katniss recognizes a servant girl with red hair. She is told that the girl is an Avox - someone who committed a crime and was punished by having her tongue cut out and forced to be a servant.
Later Katniss confides in Peeta about how she knew the Avox girl. One day, Katniss was hunting in the forest with Gale, and the red-haired girl ran through with a boy. Katniss could tell that they were from the capital, and the girl saw Katniss in her hiding place. Before either of them could do anything, a hovercraft came down, and the girl was caught in a net. The boy was caught with a spear through the chest, and the hovercraft disappeared into the sky.

Katniss also reminisces about her life, and it is revealed that footage of the destroyed District 13 is shown occasionally shown on tv to discourage rebellion.

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