Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sisters Red Launch

Today I got to go down to Atlanta to the Sisters Red launch event.

Jackson Pearce is, of course, amazing. She talked about the book, giving babies alcohol, and her writing process, among other things. She had a Q&A time, where she talked a little about SWEETLY (she should be getting the cover in a few days), Purity, and her historical novel. She also gave some tidbits about Sisters Red. Did you know that Silas originally had another name? She wouldn't say what it was, because it was spoilery. The main guy in Sweetly is Silas's brother, and that's VERY interesting.
Here are a few more pics, but I won't put up the one of myself and Jackson because I look like a hunchback.

Also, Sisters Red was featured this morning on Good Morning America! Check out Jackson's video:

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