Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Spooky Swap Package!

I got my Spooky Swap package from Pam at! Here's what she sent me:

  • A Halloween clock that plays spooky sounds every hour
  • The Shining (book)
  • The Shining (movie)
  • Smarties candy dispensers in Halloween shapes
Thank you so much Pam! I've read The Shining, but didn't own a copy, and I've never seen the original movie (just the made for tv remake). 


  1. so glad you liked it! The Shining is one of my fave books ever and I loved that cover. I wish I had gotten myself one but hubster said no more books! LOL.

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  3. Shoot- Sorry about the link mess up. So embarrassing! Maybe delete that? Here's my link...

    Spooky Swap Gift



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