Monday, September 27, 2010

My Package From Shay Doran

I got a package from Shay (from Andrea Cremer's Nightshade) today. I haven't started trying to figure it out, but  I'll put up the pictures for anyone who wants to give it a shot.

EDIT: I've figured out the messages

The first one says: "The mind of Alistair was entertained by fighting and books at a Conatus institution in Scotland."

And the second one had three:

"The keepers devour the peaceful school"
"14O5 (the "O" could be a zero, I'm not sure) a shrill battle"
"The war is over."


  1. Nice it seems to go along with mine.

    What I deciphered said,

    Alistair is General to the Beasts

    Eiras Wraiths Spilled the Blood of The Conatus High Command

  2. That is so awesome! I still can't figure out mine. I'll post mine tomorrow.

  3. I'll have to get my pics up, I have no idea what mine is.

  4. Yay! Great job, Travis! I'm going to try and get mine up tonight or tomorrow. Hey, did you ever get your giveaway win of Nightshade back in June? I don't see that you've read it, so I wanted to make sure!

  5. The Penguin marketing team is GENIUS.

  6. Em - I never got it. D:
    I guess it got lost in the mail.

  7. :( That is not cool! Just e-mailed to find out what happened.



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