Thursday, July 1, 2010

Review: Girl Parts by John M. Cusick

"Hello, David. My name is Rose. It’s a pleasure to meet you. We are now entering minute two of our friendship. According to my Intimacy Clock, a handshake is now appropriate…"

David and Charlie are opposites. David has a million friends, online and off. Charlie is a soulful outsider, off the grid completely. But neither feels close to anybody. When David’s parents present him with a hot Companion bot to encourage healthy bonds and treat "dissociative disorder," he can’t get enough of luscious red-headed Rose — and he can’t get it soon. Companions come with strict intimacy protocols, and whenever he tries anything, David gets an electric shock. Severed from the boy she was built to love, Rose turns to Charlie, who finds he can open up, knowing Rose isn’t real. With Charlie’s help, the ideal "companion" is about to become her own best friend. 

After reading the synopsis, I thought that this would be a light, funny read. It did have some funny moments, but the tone of the novel was a little depressing. The story was interesting, but toward the end went into a direction that was rushed, and left the ending unresolved. There were little details that were amusing if you caught them, and parenthetical asides (like this) that gave some entertaining insight into other characters. 
The cover is great, and was what originally brought my attention to the book. 

I give the book a 3/5.


I just found out that there will be a sequel to Girl Parts, so I'd recommend waiting a little closer to that one's release date to give this one a try. I'll definitely be reading it, if for no other reason than to feel a little closure. 


  1. I have this one but I haven't read it yet.

  2. Yep. I had similar thoughts. I think my word was "unsatisfied" but yeah. I was expecting more.

  3. Lacey: Don't put it too high on your TBR pile.

    Literati_Rain: Thanks for the contest that let me win the book! Even though I didn't like it much. lol



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